Courses Developed at Western University


Film 216F/SP 330F/CLC 291F The Documentary in Latin America
Film 246F SP 331F/CLC 292F The Spanish Auteurs
Film 247F/SP 330F/CLC 291F New Latin American Cinema and Beyond
Film 216G/SP 331G/CLC 292G Sex and Politics in Spanish Cinema
Film 216G/ SP331G/CLC 291G Cinema, History, Nation: Argentina and Mexico
Film 212G/CLC 492G/ /SP 291G Classics of Spanish Cinema
SP 334G/ SP 638b/SP 688a Monsters and monstruosidad in Spanish Post-War Literature and Film
SP 403G/FILM 213G/CLC 491G Spanish Film After Franco


SP 643b The Documentary and the Hispanic World
SP 642b Family/Politics in Spanish and Argentine Cinema
SP 613b Mothers, Monsters and Matricide in Spanish Cinema
SP/CLC 682a-From Spanish Avant Garde to French Postmodernism: The Peculiar Case of Luis Buñuel
SP 682b-Spanish Film After Franco
SP 612b-Hispanic Film
SP/CLC 681a Eros and Modern Poetry
SP 675a-Latin American Narrative 1900-1950