Kensington, I Remember
Toronto: Russell Creek Press, 2017, 2013. Limited Edition. 112x174mm. Trade Paperback. 85pp. Printed by hand by Paper Pusher Printworks.

A collage of prose poems and observations, using Joe Brainard's "I remember" form, it is obliquely a self-portrait with neighbourhood.

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Taking the Waking Slow
Toronto: Balmer Press, 2003. 40pp. Illustrated by Carl Belter. Produced by Ian McInnis at epigraphics and bound by Nicky Drumbolis and Jeremy McLeod at The Coach House.

“I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow. I feel my fate in what I cannot fear. I learn by going where I have to go. We think by feeling. What is there to know? I hear my being dance from ear to ear. I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.” Theodor Roethe

A series of dreams.

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Rape in Art Cinema
New York: Continuum, 2010. Paperback, Edition 2012.

This anthology explores the representation of rape in art cinema. Its aim is to highlight the prevalence and multiple functions of rape in this prestigious mode of filmmaking as well as to question the meaning of its ubiquity and versatility. Rape in Art Cinema takes an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together recognized figures such as historian Joanna Burke, philosopher Ann J. Cahill, and film scholars Martin Barker, Tanya Horeck and Scott Mackenzie alongside emerging voices. It is international in scope, with contributors from Canada, the U.S. and Britain coming together to investigate the representation of rape in some of cinema's most cherished films.

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