From Radio Canada:
Des résidents du marché Kensington veulent un terrain pour la communauté

From The Globe and Mail:
Residents of Toronto’s Kensington Market concerned as Airbnb moves in

From Harvard Political Review:
Letter from Kensington

From 640 Toronto - The Morning Show:
Dominique Russell - Chair of Friends of Kensington Market

From Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:
New data shows just how many Airbnb listings were rented in Kensington Market last year

From The Toronto Star:
Protesters take aim at short-term rentals in Kensington Market

From The Toronto Star:
Emptied Kensington apartments appear on Airbnb

From Toronto Life:
For the love of Kensington

From Global News:
Kensington Market residents stepping up fight against Wal-Mart

From The Toronto Star:
Rent hikes may force Kensington Market café out in favour of chain tenant